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"Unearthing Purpose: How Finding Your 'Why' Can Grow Your Farming Operation"

The “Why” behind beginning a farming operation can vary amongst individuals. I’ve had the pleasure of coming across so many different farmer and ranchers and no matter what their reasoning, we all can agree that the passion must far out way the profit.

For a beginning farmer or rancher, the capital and resources needed to begin a production can be substantially high leaving hopes for a return on investment a far off reality.

When my husband and I began M.A.D. Krew, his reasoning was to find freedom. Mines was to create a holistic lifestyle. As a business, we didn’t really consider how our production would create profit or if it were even sustainable. We were just enjoying living our dreams, so the sacrifices seemed feasible. After some time, we soon realized at the rate we were going sustainability was going to take more than sacrifice. 

We had to go back to the drawing board and approach our operation with fresh eyes.

Farming and ranching without being intentional about your purpose and can leaving you feeling lost.

Sacrificing more than is necessary. So here are some things to consider that will help your vision drive with passion and sensibility.

Plant a seed

Start your vision


Starting an agricultural operation takes time and requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Your vision will become clearer as your start. The magic is in the process. Everything is not supposed to happen overnight. Trust that your efforts are happening even when you can’t see them. Trust that you’ve planted the right seed in the right environment and let the process begin. One day you will see a sprout peak up from the ground and grow.   Just like planting a seed, with the right care and attention, a successful operation can grow and thrive over time.

The key is to just start. Even if it's on a small scale. Learn what works for you. Attempting to emulate others operation can become discouraging because you never feel like you have every thing you need to start. When beginning, time can be your best asset. So start working on your vision by planting the first seed.

If you want apples, plant an apple tree.

Be Intentional


Becoming a farmer doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. If you have a skill, talent or motivation… be innovative and combine it to your new way of living. Farming is like planting a tree. You get to choose what tree you would like to grow. Most people plant trees based of that they want to produce. Pine trees for pine wood, peach tree for peach tea, maple trees for syrup or weeping willows for shade. Either way, give it time to grow with in end goal in mind. 

Developing a clear vision will help you create a "why" that is compelling and inspiring.  What impact do you want to have on your community or the environment? Allow your operation complement your strengths. Create a lane uniquely tailored to who you are. Everything you do should get you closer to something genuine. This way you enjoy what you are doing and the burden of overcoming hurtles are driven by a passion that allows you to utilize your strengths and skills.

Seasons Change

Be flexible


Just because you started out focusing on ranching doesn’t mean you have to get stuck there. You may discover crops give you a more satisfaction and gets you closer to your goals. Which ever way you start, just start and focus on producing your best. 

Connect with others that are like-minded. When you are in your own lane, others become an asset and not competition. Be open minded to pivot from your way of marketing and networking. As you evolve so will your vision. If you find something that works for you. Embrace it, You'll be surprised where it will lead you.

Don't Dig a Ditch

Don't overwhelm yourself


Getting in over your head, is a sure way to burn out fast. When you take on more than you can bear and spreading yourself too thin, you drown. Find something that you would like to produce and get really good at it. Whether it’s goats or strawberries, it doesn’t matter. Longevity starts with being efficient.

Get known for doing something really good then build off of it.

Coming out the gate doing everything can drown you before you get a chance to thrive. Agriculture teaches patience because you can't rush nature. Even if you find a way to cut corners, history shows that it will always comes back to haunt you in the long run. Take your time and remember longevity is the objective. Working with nature and not against it will create a sustainability that is rewarding year after year.

Finding Your "WHY" can drive your operation with passion.

As newbies to the agricultural industry, taking hits is inevitable. Things break, resources can be limited, finding resources can seem impossible, livestock doesn’t always survive, crops flop due to all kinds of factors beyond our control and the list goes on and on. Not to mention, outside of farmers market, finding customers can be a daunting task

Today, we make it our business to assist other farmers and rancher not only find their “why” but find the resources and marketability to make a reality that is feasible.

If you have dared to be a part of this -sometime overwhelming but rewarding- industry of agriculture, we want to support your endeavors. Sign up for a free consultation and join a network of farmers that want to grow with you.

Click Here: schedule a time to speak with us. We invite you to leave a comment below your post.

Author: Zaneta Brewington

Farmer and Vice-President,

M.A.D. Krew Worldwide, Inc.

Project Manager,

Farm Un-till We Grow

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