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Hey, Future Bee Keepers!

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Future Conservationists Love It Here!

At our farm, we are passionate about promoting environmental sustainability and pollinator conservation. We offer interactive beekeeping tours and hands-on experiences for youth to learn about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. The Farm Girl Montana host these events. Our flourishing hives are a sight to behold, and we are excited to share our commitment to sustainable agriculture and conservation programs with you.

Teaching youth environmental stewardship is crucial for the future of our planet. By educating young people about the importance of and conservation, we can inspire them to take action and make a positive impact on the environment. Let's work together to create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.  Come and join us to discover the buzz!

Visit the Pollinators!

Get ready to go M.A.D. with our bee tour! You'll be buzzing with excitement as you get up close and personal with these little pollinators. Not only will you learn about the importance of bees, but you'll also get to see them in action. Don't miss out on this honey of an experience!

Want to turn lemons into 

Sweet Lemonade?

Well, we're not just making ade here - we're making it sweet! Our Honey, Egg, and Lemonade stand is making lemons into lemonade, and with your donations we can make it even sweeter. So let's create a buzz that gives our pollinator friends a sound that can be heard! Together, we can make the world a little bit sweeter for the bees, one lemon at a time.

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