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About Us

At M.A.D. (Making A Dream) Krew Worldwide, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, we believe that getting back to the basics of life is key to living a fulfilling, healthy existence.  Our regenerative farming practices focus on improving soil health, enhancing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon. It is a holistic approach that supports healthy people and environments by producing nutrient-dense food while also reducing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment.

Founded in 2022, our farm developed a community-focused agricultural organization dedicated to supporting historically underserved producers.  Our mission is to provide the resources and support necessary for producers to break down barriers and achieve their goals. We believe that a thriving agricultural system is vital to the health and well-being of our communities.

Our farmers shares their vision of living a more sustainable life through agricultural practices. We found healing in nature and know that others can, too. As historically underserved producers ourselves, we want to share our dream with others, so they too can become producers of their own reality and find immense fulfillment when their vision comes into fruition. We believe in living in balance with nature, and we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint one day at a time.

We not only allow our community to partake in our endeavors through agritourism, we also extent our services as a resource to other new and beginning farmers to gain knowledge about our practices and experiences of farming, ranching and forestry. No matter what the reason, you can be a part of a M.A.D. Krew of individuals that take life by the horns and discover the intricate balance of loving nature and appreciating nature loving you back.

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